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W3C Validation – Validate Your Website Perfectly

W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium, which is useful for defining the html rules of your website in order to make your site more effective as well as compatible to various browsers, and search engines. It is actually a tool through which you can check the markup validity of HTML, XHTML and CSS of your website. If the code of your site doesn’t validate then you cannot expect it to work properly according to the demand and technologies of the modern web browsers. This validation technology is specifically done according to the standards of modern browsers. It is good for the web developers because Validation can ensure the high quality of the sites, and it can save both time and money to a great extent.

W3C Validation Service

W3C Validation to – Mark the Authenticity of Your Website

Most of the web documents are written by suing the markup languages, like XHTML or HTML. These languages are machine-readable and have some formal grammar and they are generally defined with the help of technical specifications. Checking a web document against these restraints is known as the W3C validation and the job of a Validator is to check it.

W3C Authenticity Your Website

Why It Is Necessary? Does It Give Any Extra Benefit

  1. W3C observance will ensure that your site is compatible across the world and can be easily viewed when accessed through a variety of different browsers.
  2. A W3C amenable website would eradicate the chances of having any kind of coding errors in your web design. This would help you to have an SEO friendly site and it can automatically help you to get higher ranking as well.
  3. Your site becomes easily accessible by different types of smart phones and palm tops.
  4. W3C validation considerably minimizes the coding size on your website’s pages and includes value to contents of your site as well.
  5. With the help of W3C validation, your website would add a ton of credibility and the users would have unrestricted access to your site from all across the world.
  6. W3C acquiescence is completely compatible with various ranges of scripting languages, multimedia presentations, dynamic pages and others.

Your Website – Our Service

We have experts in the field of W3C validation who are capable enough to develop websites that are W3C validated. Our experts will check the validation and then fix the errors. The professional team of WebPromotioner India works in a very comprehensive and logical manner.

First of all our W3C validation experts analyze the website and check the validation of the same to ensure that the site has no any coding errors.If some coding errors has been found out then the developers will try to fix those errors and make the Site prepared for the W3C validation.

Our teams have the right experience to handle the errors with efficiency and prudence. Each of our clients will be provided with a weekly report through which they can easily track the regular progress of their projects.