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If it weren't for Barcelona, ​​most of us would not have survived an "anti-human" late night like four o'clock.


Fortunately, as soon as the game started, there were surprises and joys.


Barcelona fans were surprised to find that after 100 days of rest, they still couldn't make up the main lineup. Suarez is still sitting on the bench after his injury, Umtiti keeps pace. Coupled with the suspension of another central defender Langley, Araujo, who is basically playing West B B this season, suddenly got the first La Liga start in his life.

巴塞罗那球迷惊讶地发现,经过100天的休息,他们仍然无法弥补主要阵容的不足。苏亚雷斯受伤后仍坐在板凳上,乌姆蒂蒂保持着步伐。再加上另一名中后卫兰利(Langley)的停赛,他本赛季基本上在西B B踢球,突然成为西甲生涯中的第一个开始。

Passersby fans were surprised to find that boss May shaved off his beard and combed his hairstyle. Although it's a bit greasy (this sentence is crossed out), Batman's long-lost brother is a complete blow.


But for the few Real Madrid fans who watched the live broadcast, the start was all shocking.


While they originally "expected" Mallorca to stop Barcelona, ​​they also checked how much their own Kubo Kenying's experience value increased. As a result, De Jong lost the ball and grabbed it by himself. Alba made an arcing pass and a B2B jumped from the crowd. Impression Liu may only remember his ferocity, but it is also Vidal's skill to plug in to grab some points.


But De Jong had already been stealed but he was robbed back, which indirectly caused the team to lose the ball at the beginning...It was Kenei Kubo.

但是De Jong已经被偷了,但是他被抢了回来,这间接导致球队在一开始就丢球了……是Kenei Kubo。

Real Madrid fans: Go to bed, good morning.


This choice is also correct.


Mallorca really cannot put too much pressure on the opposite side. Barcelona’s relatively aging central axis has enjoyed valuable rest in the past three months. It can be seen that they have also exercised a lot of cooperation after resuming group training. The striker trio changed positions wildly, and Vidal and De Jong kept moving forward. In particular, De Jong has pushed forward, alleviating the embarrassment of Barcelona's previous "sides contracted by side guards". The whole team surrounded the opponent's penalty area and began to practice routines.

马略卡岛真的不能对对方施加太大压力。在过去的三个月中,巴塞罗那相对较老的中轴得到了宝贵的休息。可以看出,他们在恢复小组训练后也进行了很多合作。前锋三人疯狂地改变了位置,维达尔和德容不断前进。特别是,德容(De Jong)向前推进,减轻了巴塞罗那先前的“边后卫收缩的边”的尴尬。整个团队包围了对手的禁区并开始练习套路。

The ball possession rate quickly soared over 70%, which seems to be Barcelona.


The fly in the ointment is that, after all, the long-distance battle formation plus the ground is a bit slippery, and many of Barcelona's cooperation seemingly smooth but all ended in mistakes. Messi has been straight, Roberto has been in the inverted triangle, Griezmann has been leaking the ball, and others have been giving Messi a chance to pass the ball and hide behind Grid. The routine is very clear, but it is impossible to fight.


Of course, Messi’s personal Showtime is also indispensable.


No one can keep up with the pace, dazzling variation, picking the ball, and rushing to Longtan alone... the human and the ball are one and the background is like a virtual audience with FIFA quality ten years ago, I almost thought my youth was real Can start again.


However, no one's youth can really come back, even if it is the boss of May who is cool enough and passes the ball more freely in this game. The state and performance are actually beyond reproach, just because he is Messi, you will think that the only reasonable result of those unreasonable dragons is to score goals.


But the May boss can still create goals.


It was still a classic pattern of two over one → straight side lane → inverted triangle. Although it was blocked by the defensive player and missed Griezmann's second point, the high-speed start Messi gave a header to Blavister. Assists.


This is how the value of Vidal and Brethwaite in the chaos is reflected in the situation where the delicate cooperation is temporarily unsuccessful.


On the Mallorca side, the only one who can pose the same threat as most Barcelona players is really only Kenei Kubo, who is on loan from Real Madrid.


Perhaps it was to make up for the mistakes that he couldn't be blamed for before, or it might be that he really wanted to prove himself in front of the former big brothers, Kubo Kenei's personal attacking desire in this game was full. There are both dribbling breakthroughs and diagonal thrusts behind the back. Regardless of the passing, the thinking is very clear, and one person has made the right side the strong side of most of Majorca's offense.


The problem is that their weak side is actually called the "weak" side.


Whether it's Dani Rodriguez or Budimir, the running position in response to Kubo Jianying seems to be a slow shot. Often they waited until all the through plugs had passed before they reacted and wanted to accelerate. Even if Barcelona's rib defense has always been weak, such a counterattack will certainly not scratch the pain.

无论是达尼·罗德里格斯(Dani Rodriguez)还是布迪米尔(Budimir),响应久保健英的跑步姿势似乎都是慢镜头。他们常常等到所有的通孔塞都通过后才做出反应并想要加速。即使巴塞罗那的肋骨防守一直很弱,这种反击肯定也不会消除这种痛苦。

Kubo Jianying's loan qualifications are also low, otherwise I have no doubt that he will escalate from complaining all the way to an angry roar.


However, the loanee is also lucky, that is, if he meets Barcelona in the future, he may no longer be around these people but can have teammates of the same level.


When this feeling is the most profound, I probably saw Barcelona repeatedly raise the substitution cards in the second half, and stars such as Rakitic, Suarez, Semedo and Artur can all come on the court to find the feeling. With a 2-0 advantage in hand, the resumption of the game couldn't be more appropriate.


As a result, we saw the boss of May retreat with peace of mind to make a pie in the midfield, and this originally not very strong desire to score further diminished. We also saw that everyone, regardless of the starting substitute, will go ahead after Messi gets the ball, and every offensive round is like a thousand arrows.


——Messi kept the ball cool and QW, Alba succeeded in the limit of offside, and then unexpectedly pushed a near corner. "Brazil Connection" is coming again, the score is 3-0.

-梅西保持球凉爽和QW,阿尔巴越位成功,然后出人意料地将球逼近。 “巴西连线”再度来临,比分是3-0。

——Messi crosses, crosses, and passes through. All kinds of passes create shooting opportunities. Unfortunately, Blewiste and Suarez failed to get the cake, even Araujo passed the back point. Addiction.


——Finally, Suarez, who really couldn’t stand it, forced the pie back into Messi’s mouth. Messi cut and hesitated for several steps. Into a blind spot.


Well, Su Ya knows Boss Mei best.

well, SU ya knows boss M诶best.

Frankly speaking, from the perspective of the past, the process in this 4-0 victory was not as perfect as the result. There were many more pass and receive errors at critical moments.


But compared to other giants vertically, everyone hasn't played for dozens of days, and the first game after the restart is basically like this. Vidal and De Jong are full of electricity, and Su Ya, who is fatter, is still agile and able to accelerate. This is actually the benefit of rest.

但是与垂直的其他巨人相比,每个人都没有玩几十天,重新开始后的第一场比赛基本上就是这样。维达尔(Vidal)和德容(De Jong)充满电,胖的苏雅(Su Ya)仍然敏捷且能够加速。这实际上是休息的好处。

Compared with other teams, Barcelona's greatest happiness is to have a Messi who is no longer young, but who plays more like Xavi.


This Messi had 6 key passes in this game, two of which were converted into assists, while the other teammates added up to 5 times.


There are nine other successes, and the other teammates add up to only seven. There may be fewer dragons, but "you passed without knowing what happened" is still a repetitive plot. Whether shooting, passing or breaking through, everything is a lethal weapon.


This is not the Messi of the year, but he is still better than the Messi of the year.


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