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Content is King. This is often repeated while explaining the significance of content in SEO services. The question is why content is considered the king. Gone are the days when you could cram your website with keywords to gain better ranking on the search engines. Over the years Google has changed its algorithms and now it puts immense importance on the quality of the content.

What is SEO Content?

It refers to any information that you find on the web and is consumed by the users from the web. SEO content is any content that is developed with the aim to attract the attention of the search engines. This aim is achieved through keyword research, content creation based on the keyword, and content promotion by the SEO teams. However, content creation services are now hired with a goal to reach out to the users rather than just the search engines. This change in SEO content writing services is primarily due to Google.

Importance of SEO content writing services

Compelling and useful content helps you to connect with your users. You reach the right target audience and it helps to improve your ranking on Google. Content helps your audience to understand your business goals.

Outsourcing your content marketing services can prove useful as the professional writers are aware of the best practices. For instance, they know that the headline of the content is significant. A relevant headline can drive home the idea and help in your conversion rates. At WebPromotionerIndia, we deliver error free content keeping in mind the target audience and the region.

When you seek professional help for content creation services, you will come across different types of content writing services. At WebPromotionerIndia, we offer our clients the following types of content marketing services:

Website content Writing:

website-content-writing-serviceIf you have a website, you will need content. This is the space where you need to define your business goals correctly to the target audience. For e-commerce sites, a good product page proves valuable both as a PPC landing page and SEO content. For our website content writing services we mainly focus on the quality and information. Websites can retain users’ interest only if they find proper information.

Article Writing:

article-writing-service Our article writing services focus on delivering professionally written articles that contribute significantly for link building. While they are informative, the articles are created with a focus on certain keywords. Our writers keep Google’s best practices in mind while creating content so that it produces the required results.

Blog Writing:

blog-post-writing-service Blogs are in trend. These are interactive platforms and are not overly promotional. In fact, blogs are great ways to interact with the audience. You can easily promote a well written blog on the social media platforms to reach out to more number of users. Blogs are engaging and more likely to attract links for the product pages. Thus these prove useful to build authority for your website.

Press Release Writing:

press-release-writing-service This is another way to announce new products or business goals to your users and help in link building. Our efficient writing team develops press releases for various industries and help them to promote their business in their target market easily.

Ebook Writing:

ebook-writing-serviceEbooks are the materials through which you can spread information on various topics to your target readers. These kinds of books can be easily used to promote a business to numerous viewers on the net. However, the job of ebook writing is slightly different from other kinds of SEO writing, and we have experts who are able to perform this task perfectly according to the need of our clients.

Social Media Contents:

social-media-contentsOur team of expert content writers is also able to supply you with the best quality social media contents that can be utilized on various social media platforms.These are good for online promotions of your website.

Case Studies:

Lots of software companies require case studies. Our team of writers can help you with this as well.


We can design and create whitepapers for your business as a part of our content creation services. We create informative, relevant, professional and compelling content for your whitepapers.


This is the age where browsers have very little time. Opting for infographics, where data or information is presented by combining content and visuals is a lucrative idea. Infographics have become quite popular nowadays and they are effective too.

The content writing services at WebPromotionerIndia also includes developing text for videos, user manuals/guides, and slideshows.

We follow several steps in our content writing services that we offer to our clients across the globe.

  • Research on the basis of the given topic.
  • Development of flawless contents on the basis of that research work.
  • Make the content unique so that the readers can get new information.
  • Make the contents informative with the relevant information for the target readers.
  • Check and edit the content once it is done
  • Proof read and quality analysis of the whole contents.
  • Deliver high quality contents within the given timeline.